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Who We Are

Who We Are

HazPak Pte. Ltd. (HazPak), an affiliation of AirSea Packagings Singapore Pte. Ltd. (AirSea), was incorporated in 2008.

Founded in 1997, AirSea has been in the business of providing hazardous goods packing and UN Specification Packing Materials.

For 20 over years, AirSea specialises in the manufacturing and supply of UN approved packaging for dangerous goods shipping in compliance with IATA packaging regulations of dangerous goods.

AirSea is the sole distributor of AirSea Container Ltd. for the Pacific region and carries a wide range of UN approved packaging including hazard labels, packaging accessories and more to cater specifically to your bespoke packaging requirements for air, road and sea transportation.

HazPak envisages to be a leading international organisation acknowledged as experts in dangerous goods and hazardous materials, and solution provider to logistics, petrochemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, energy, freight forwarders, air, road and maritime transport, and airlines companies.

We provide comprehensive packing services to help you ensure all IATA packaging requirements are completely fulfilled before the package is delivered safely to its destinations.

HazPak would be venturing into providing the finest practical training courses related to transport, handling and storage of dangerous goods and hazardous materials.

Trainees receive comprehensive training materials in sessions that combine excellent teaching practices with expert knowledge. Other than scheduled courses, we customise individual on-demand training programs tailored to specific customer needs and requirements.

HazPak works hand in glove with AirSea to handle and transport dangerous and hazardous goods safely and efficiently in accordance with international regulations.

HazPak and AirSea firmly believe in providing competitive rates, quality services, and consistently delivering value-add and responsive services through exercising safety practices to achieve customer satisfaction.

Our Vision
A Total Solution Service Provider in Dangerous Goods Packagings
Our Mission
Constantly Delivering Value-Added & Responsive Services through Exercising Safety Practices to Achieve Customer Satisfaction