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IATA DG Checklist required for DG acceptance process via SATS Terminal

calendar iconJuly 15, 2022

* With effect from 12 November 2018, a completed IATA DG Checklist has to be signed by registered personnel and is to be attached upon lodge-in of DG shipments covered by Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods (DGD). Shipment without IATA DG checklist will be rejected.

* Shipper / Forwarding agent needs to provide DGD and carrier information for us to proceed to check IATA DG checklist. We will leave item#52 (IATA DG checklist) for the forwarding agent to check off if the carrier information is not provided.

* The forwarding agent needs to check items#3,6,25,26,27 in IATA DG checklist by themselves.